Unique pieces with universal meanings.

Lollett developed her style and visual language through the study of art, science, biology, and the world around. New York’s abstract expressionism movement is a particular source of inspiration for how boundaries are torn down and redefined on canvas. This epistemic exercise builds towards a broader, critical view of the world, which in turn inspires new and authentic thinking.

“I am fascinated by the power of the lines that unite us, divide us, and define us. We exist within borders, physical and otherwise. These lines carve the world into many territories but - despite sometimes seeming immutable - they are forever changing and shifting, always being redefined. 

I draw inspiration from diverse sources, natural, cultural, and spiritual. How sediment builds, year on year and layer by layer, to create the ground on which we stand. The continents we live on, seemingly unchangeable, are always shifting as rivers, coasts, and tectonic plates grind on at their glacial pace. The national boundaries we define ourselves by, naturalized by culture and history, never stop adjusting at the speed of every day. The human body itself - divided by flesh and function into discrete organs - is in an ongoing process of development. 

From the most intimate aspects of human anatomy to the immense wholeness of our planet, the language of division and unity - organic, cultural - is universal. Alive, ever-changing but stable. This universal visual language is the tool that I use for further expressing emotions and ideas, creating portals to different states of mind, body and spirit.”


Lollett Special Projects Image

Lollett creates high vibrational pieces with intention by harnessing the powers of light, color, abstraction, symbolism, ancient wisdom, and plants. Each piece is unique; they are sensorial spells, and experiential tools for life.